5 Goals to Start This Month


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First off!! HELLO FEBRUARY! 💗

When starting a new year, I think the most overused resolutions is to lose weight and to work-out more. Which isn’t a bad thing, but most generally… People don’t stick to it, and its sad. But you can always start again at the beginning of February!

But, why do people not like to stay on top of it? Because they can’t stay motivated. What they need to do is start goals, workout with friends, GET MOTIVATED! Have someone or something in your mind and get motivated that way. And keep going. So, I found some goals from the NIKE TRAINING app and added a few things for you!

“The best workout is the one you show up for”


Tackle bigger goals by making smaller goals of the same thing. More actionable ones may be more helpful. Build your confidence by working your way through the list of the smaller goals, so that can get you used to doing them naturally in 2018.


Always have your gym bag ready! And if you don’t have a gym bag, lay your workout clothes out along with your headphones and put your water in the fridge! It’s all about creating habits that remove the barriers of having to get ready. Develop those habits and you’ll get more efficient. 


There will be days in the New Year when you want to crush it, but be sure to remember your boundaries and don’t take on too much at once and get burnt out the things you need to work on. Our workout of the week is a simple way to get routines with varied moves that won’t overwhelm you. That’s why you need to take it slow and only do as much as you can handle.


While you should take it slow and be aware of when you need to slow down, you need to be able to mix up your workout. Try to do different types of workout each week (Strength, Endurance, legs, back, etc.) for a balanced training approach. You can also add 1-2 yoga workouts a week for additional mobility and all around fitness! It may not seem like a lot but it definitely adds a little bit of work! Like this yoga workout.


Target a certain number of minutes a week. Using minutes to track your progress is an easy way to measure and create a sustainable fitness routine. You can start with 30 minutes in week one, and add 15 minutes every week or two until you get around 90 minutes in one workout.

2 thoughts on “5 Goals to Start This Month

  1. So true, often people make big resolutions they don’t stick to. I love the fresh motivation a new year brings but it is so important to stay realistic and pick goals that you really want to work on. Loving all of your tips! Listening to your body is just so important. Sometimes a calm yoga session is just more needed than a crazy HIIT workout.
    Hope you have a great February! 💜

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