My Blog Turns One!

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And on this day, 365 days ago, Beautiful Blest Mess was born. Would it be cliche for me to say, it’s been a roller coaster.. Some good days and some bad days? Because W O A H what a roller coaster!?

Seriously I couldn’t begin to tell you all that I went through on this incredible journey! I’ve worried so much about being perfect and stressing over not blogging on certain days, I’ve worried about not having many followers and even silly things like not having a pretty instagram theme but.. I’ve also had wonderful days. Meeting new blogger friends, having packages come in, not for me, but for Beautiful Blest Mess, having people care about reading what I write, having a way to connect with my community, and in general, owning something that I’ve created from the bottom, myself, and being proud of it.

A lot of little things, yah know?

Why Did I Start A Blog?

I started this for giggles and laughs!

Foreal y’all, all I wanted to do was take pictures and pass time with not having a job. I love writing and helping people with fashion and showing people new things in the wardrobe and beauty department, so I decided to deep dive and find more people who did it and went head first.

Now that I’ve had this blog for a year, I realize the world that I want for this little thing I started… And I now know that I’m not exactly where I want to be in my blogging career just yet, but that’s the fun of it! To G R O W as a blogger. Having good and bad days makes it worth while.

What advice would you give?

Honestly, I know this is such an overused piece of advice but seriously… Be yourself. Every blogger now a days acts the same and you really have to stand out and come up with your own ideas and don’t do everything the way everyone else is! Don’t worry about how many followers, you have.. if you have people that enjoy your writing and your photos, enjoy it! That’s the fun of it all! You D O N ‘ T have to buy likes or followers.. Really though, let it be genuine and don’t rush it all. Have fun growing as a blogger and finding who you are.

Recap of Beautiful Blest Mess

I wanted to show a few (random) things that I’m proud of.


This photo was from the V E R Y first complimentary package in the mail for my blog!


This was the first post of mine that got A L O T of traffic to my instagram!


This was the first photo of mine that got reposted on an Instagram. By WoodWick Candles! Here is the blog post all about this bible verse!


This was the first paid campaign I did! For Go Harvey!


This is the picture from this blog post, which is one of my older blog posts, but it’s also one of my most “famous”!

What Do You Have In Store For Your Blog?

I hope to grow my followers, (obvi) on A L L social media platforms! But, I don’t wanna think of my followers as just that – followers. I want to become friends. I wanna think of this whole blogging thing of more than just a way to get popular.

I wanna do more for my “friends,” more giveaways, post more and be more active for them to help and show people new things!


In good words, I love this platform that I created… It’s been so fun, full of smiles and a lot of laughs! Here’s to many more years!


With out you guys, I wouldn’t be where I am! Hugs and kisses ♥︎


4 thoughts on “My Blog Turns One!

  1. I just saw your comment on my ‘blogaversary’ post – thank you so much!
    Really glad you stumbled across my little internet corner and I got to hop over to yours – your blog is beautiful! And you can truly be proud of yourself – you have achieved a lot in just one year!
    All the best for the next year and hurray for new bloggy friends! 💜
    xxx Britta

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