Vintage & Farmhouse Rugs

Vintage Rugs-2

1. Pink woven vintage rug – $44.99 / 2. White Wool Rug – $79 / 3. Grey Diamond Rug – $66 / 4. Blue and White Rug – $39.99 / 5. Ophelia Taupe Rug – $89 / 6. Nomad Vado – $171.69 / 7. Tulum Grey Rug – $139 / 8. Ava Rug – $28.49 / 9. Lucca Rust Rug – $89 / 10. Safavieh Grey Wool Rug – $45.89 / 11. Buffalo Check Rug – $60.99

1. I personally own this rug! (I posted it on my Instagram) And I will say, it’s the PERFECT rug. Seriously my house is in farmhouse, rustic feel and the pink color really pops and makes the room feel together! I didn’t pick it.. My fiancé did. But I love these rugs now!

2. A shaggy rug. Everyone needs a shaggy rug. I got one and thought it would look cute in my living room, but I wasn’t thrilled. So now this rug is chilling in my bedroom and it looks fantabulastic! I love the effect of the rug, sooo soft and the texture and feel of it just gives an “oomph.

3. This is such a common rug, the reverse with the white base and the grey triangles. I know you’ve seen it. Well, this is the opposite and I’m loving it! A light colored rug is sooo hard to keep clean and this is a cute twist to the trend!

4. This is a simple blue accent/area rug I found from Hobby Lobby and I don’t know why but I L O V E textured rugs for some reason I just feel like they tie the room together and this is hard to pull off, but a blue would be great!

5. AHHH! This vintage rug is suuuuper popular the vintage is great, along with the cream/beige color! You can literally put this rug ANYWHERE! It’s soo cute! And of course… It’s a Magnolia rug! Which makes it twice as better!

6. This is an overstock rug. This rug is such a great piece. I love the colors are great together and the details… Y’ALL. You know I love em! This one has so many different details in it! The lines and the circles, love it.

7. Another Magnolia rug… I love em but I will tell you this, some are a little expensive. This one is a little bit up there, but it’s not bad! And so worth it! The color is such a great color! It’s so different and beautiful! And the tassels, I love tassels too. And it’s perfect on this rug.

8. This vintage rug is a little different. I really have a thing for very different rug colors. And the color in the back is a mint color. And there’s so many colors in there mixed! The deep blue, the red, and the cream! It’s a very different rug! And super vintage.

9. THE LAST vintage rug. This one is a very beautiful piece and I must say, if I didn’t find the Target rug, this one would’ve been my choice! I told you earlier I didn’t pick the pink rug, but now that I have it! I love beautiful pink rugs with wonderful colors like this one! Another reason to love it, it’s part of the Magnolia collection.

10. I don’t know about this one. Because I usually don’t like striped things, but this rug is so cute! I love the grey, and this is the type of rug that you love for a long time. Not much to say because it’s simple but cute and cheap!

11. I LOVE BUFFALO CHECK! I already have one, but it’s for the kitchen. I WOULD totally love this rug for the living area! I buffalo check is such a perfectly, wonderful pattern that anyone could love. And the black and white is such a classical color.


And there ya have it, pals. My favorite rugs that I found! I hope you like them and comment what you think! Do you have anything similar?

Thanks for reading!

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