Bible Verse: Week 13

Happy Wednesday, Y’all!

It snowed here in Lake Charles! Not a lot… but still! SNOW. It was just awesome.. I love snow. Back home, it’s been snowing a lot… OF COURSE. But like I said, it snowed, BEFORE it started snowing and sleeting, I started running.

Outside. For 2 miles. The worst thing ever.

It was sooo cold and ya know, I run like a dog when it’s head is out the window, 🐶 ) and my throat was very sore after and I was wheezing and I’m getting aggravated just thinking about it.

But I said all that to say this, through the pain and the cold and the sweat, I kept pushing. I had my friend with me and she was there the whole time to motivate me, but I was more-so thinking about myself and how I wanted to change. Even though I was in so much pain, I had to keep on keeping on. And the same goes for whatever we face in life. In troubles and tribulations, there’s nothing worse than sitting around and worrying about whatever it is that’s bothering you. The number one thing you can do is keep moving forward, (Cue Meet the Robinsons movie) but only  a f t e r  you look up to God and ask for help and strength. Which brings me to my next point…

Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.”

Ezra 10:4.

Let’s break it down:

– R I S E   U P ! This matter is in  Y O U R  hands.Whatever the case may be. If you’re trying to lose weight, if you’re trying to do better in school or work, if you want to achieve it, it’s in your hands to hold onto that goal and work towards achievement.

– We will support you, he will be there behind you patting you on the back, but also to give you a little push for support. He promises assistance, in which will you give you the confidence to success.

– So take courage and do it, He couldn’t have made this anymore clearer. Literally be strong and do it. To get things done that require a lot of work, you need encouragement which is exactly what he did for you, E n c o u r a g e d.

And that brings me to the end of this exciting post! I really enjoyed this bible week!!! ♥︎ I’m already excited for next week! SO remember, D O  I T ! Whatever “it” may be, get encouragement from God and achieve. See ya next week, friends.

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