Goals of 2018


It’s already 2018. Annnnd a week in and I’m just now setting basic resolutions for this year…. lol. (GO ME!!) For the new year people instantly go towards goals they want to achieve and sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. I’m a person who L O V E S  a change. But when it comes to something that will effect my everyday living, it’s still scary. So, I decided to sit and think of a few things that I can do this year so that next year on New Years, I can feel accomplished.

So, let’s take a peek.

Before I begin to write down my goals, I think to myself a basic outline of what I want to change about myself so in general — 

A bad habit I want to break, A new skill I’d like to learn, A good deed I’m going to do, A place I’d like to visit, A book I’d like to read, A new restaurant I’d like to try, What I’m going to get better at.

Of course you can pick more than one for each, I for sure did. Wanna see my list and have a little inspiration? Whyyyyyyy not, right?!

– A bad habit I want to break: Eating when I’m not hungry, Being on my phone a lot. 

– A new skill I’d like to learn:Selflessness, Loving myself, Develop a morning and night routine, Complimenting more often.

– Good deeds I’m going to do:Meal prep more for my fiancé, 

– A place I’d like to visit:Home… Kentucky.

– A book I’d like to read:The little book of life hacks, The year of Cozy, Harry Potter Series: 1-7.

– A new restaurant I’d like to try:Mazen’s, Ember Grille & Wine Bar and Seafood.

– I’m going to get better at:Being punctual, Planning and writing in my planer, Working out, Speaking my opinion, Posting more original content on the blog, Drinking more water, Calling my family more, Reading my bible and getting closer to God, Take more pictures for memories, Do more adventurous things and get out more, Read the Newspaper, Wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier, Be genuine.

And there ya have it. Not too hard right?! (JOKING) I seem like a terrible person.. omg. No but, I will for sure put my heart into it and try my best to be a better me. I want to for not only me, but for everyone around me.

And that’s all folks! Thanks for stopping by friends! 😘

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