Gift Wrapping



Wow, okay… I guess it’s time for a manicure.




Christmas…. celebrating Jesus, warm hot cocoa, snow and having snow days, peppermint drinks at Starbucks, Christmas movies, Christmas decorations, twinkly lights, cold days, wearing sweaters and scarves, spending time with family, buying and opening gifts…. and OF course, wrapping the gifts! 🎁

My favorite thing to do, and some people despise to do so! lol. Wrapping gifts, for me, is definitely a stress reliever in a weird way. My OCD is cured, almost instantly, and I just love thinking about the gift and how I can’t wait to see the person’s smile! ❤️

I love wrapping gifts and decorating them in a unique and special way. So I decided this year to show you friends how I wrap and give you some inspiration!

First I wrap the gift, and I feel that most of everyone wraps like this so I won’t go into great detail. But, here are some pictures of how to wrap your presents up like envelopes.



And voila! You have a perfectly wrapped gift! Such a simple way to  wrap and so precise and perfect.




I found this twine at the dollar spot at Target. That’s right, one whole buck for this cute twine that you see all over the internet! I found the exact one for $2 here!




When wrapping the gift in twine, you wanna place the twine straight across the bottom of the gift, and then you twirl the twine in the opposite direction so you get something that looks like this in the end! ▲




This is a little tricky to see, but you then take one side of the twine and put it under the twine thats laying flat on the box and the same for the opposite side of the string.




So it will look something like this! ▲ Also, here is where I would put my name tag that I personalized myself! (Scroll to the bottom for more info on how to get yours!!)




And then I like to tie a little bow in it like I’m tying my shoe strings!




I also wanted to show you this wrapping paper. On the inside of it, it has the little lines, which are really the smartest thing ever! I love having perfect cuts and this helps soo much!




Another way I decided to wrap the gifts, to save some twine was to literally wrap it once around the gift in a certain spot and tie it like you would your shoes! I found this to be very easy and not wasteful in the twine!



I also decided to add a little touch with my personalized name tags which I made myself! There is a little glimpse of mine! And I also made one for my friend here — her dog is a schnauzer and she requested that I do one of her dog and I could do anything for you all if you request it! If you wanna know more comment below and let me know!! 😊




Thanks for reading friends!! I hope you enjoyed this long post! It was so fun and I enjoyed making this and the tags! 💗

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