Sunglass splurges & deals







Happy Saturday Friends!

Today is such a special day for me because my parents are finally coming in 😍 But, I thought I would share with you a few sunnies that I have been loving and some dupes that I have heard great things about!

— First off, these sunglasses are sooo incredible. One of my favorite singer’s (Thomas Rhett) wife made a line of sunglasses with DIFF eyewear. Which itself is an awesome organization that donates to all different types of charities!

They’re made by Lauren Akins and I AM OBSESSED. (With her and the glasses) They are incredibly comfy, like seriously! The two little adjustable nose pads, are so comfortable and you can fix them to fit your face perfectly! The rose gold is GORG and they really compliment your face! I seriously can’t find anything wrong with these guys!

These are my go to and are a perfect price! But, I found these dupes for under $20!


— Next are my ray bans! These are also a got-to sunnies. Such a classic pair, and I love that the aren’t super dressy! The only bad thing about these glasses is that the metal is pretty flimsy and the nose pads ALWAYS get stuck in my hair and it sucks.

So, I would definitely do a deal and buy these, they have great views and are super cute and look identical!


— I bought my last pair of sunglasses from Steve Madden but it was actually a while back. But, found the same pair from eBay if you really fell in love with them! Because I know I did. I love the flat lens trend that was happening! I love the sophisticated and stylish look it gave off! BUUUT, I didn’t like how these particular glasses got scratched easily and fingerprints all over the lens.. but other than that, LOVED EM!

But, I thought these would be a splurge if you wanted a more designer brand! The gold looks a little crazy, but in stores it’s a little more subtle.

That’s all for this blog post! I know it was a little short, and a little borrrring…

 I could go on but, I thought maybe I should take a break and get ready for my mom and dad to be here! 😊 

Thanks for reading y’all!! Have a great day!


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