My Favorite Fall Scents

I SERIOUSLY love fall.

What makes Fall so great? Um, football, Halloween, corn mazes, leaves changing, pumpkins, warm drinks, the chilled weather, the colors… and the SMELLS! (I could go on) It’s the best!!

No joke, I love it more than most people. (lol)

Probably the only downfall to Fall is I live in Louisiana and that freaking sucks because there’s literally no Fall. No cold weather and for the most part, no orange leaves.

But, other that that… I really do love the smells and I needed to show y’all a little bit of the good stuff.



We’ll start cheap – Walmart. Now let me tell you.. never, ever underestimate Wally-World. They really do have some of the best smelly stuff for less than nothing.


PicMonkey Sample1. Spiced Pumpkin Pie – $2.00 // 2. Warm Pumpkin Cookies – $5.97 // 3. Autumn Afternoon Stroll  $2.00 // 4. Pumpkin Waffles – $4.93

PicMonkey Sample-21. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin – $12.50 // 2.  Pumpkin Cupcake – $12.50 // 3.  Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow – $12.50

Pumpkin Allspice

I got this candle before I posted this blog post, I got this candle at Marshalls for 8 bucks! It’s on the website for $12.00! And it gets me in the fall feels 😍


1. Autumn, Apple Basket, Mums – $18.99 // 2. Pumpkin Bread, Autumn Turnover, Snickerdoodle – $24.95 // 3. Sonoma Sunset, Pumpkin Butter, Apple Crisp – $18.99



And that’s all I have… mainly because I hate spending over $30 for a candle unless it’s going to last me for a good month! lol.

But, let me tell YOU!! Always 100% go to Marshalls and Home Goods for fall scents! They always, always, always, have the best smelly good stuff! Seriously, I go there every year and twice a month because they are so awesome at carrying good candles for Autumn!

ONE last thing, I love doing things for Fall! So if you have any suggestions on recipes or anything that you would like me to do, let me know!

Thanks y’all!

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