Labor Day Whites


1. Tassel Earrings $12.99 // 2. Knit Sweater $24.99 // 3. Rockstar ankle jeans $49.99 // 4. Embroidered Dress $29.99 // 5. Off the shoulder top $28 // 6. Kendal + Kylie Purse $147.49 // 7. Anchor Bracelet $38 // 8. Ralph Lauren Belt $26.60 // 9. Kendra Scott Necklace $50.00 // 10. Birkenstocks $99.95 // 11. Guess Watch $86.25 // 12. Off the Shoulder Top (Similar$22.99 // 13. Lace-Up Skirt $46.80

Wearing white after labor day. Who’s a victim of it? 🙋🏽 THIS GIRRRRRRRL RIGHT C’HEER.

I’ll be the first to admit… I do and I always will because white is such a good staple that I love wearing!

But has anyone ever asked, why? Why can’t I wear white? What’s the rule? What happens when I do wear white, what’ll happen? Well, let me explain.

Everyone thinks it’s because white is a light color and of course wear white to stay cool. Buuut, it’s more than that, darlin’. Let’s go back to the late 1800s. Mental Floss explains it as when women back then would wear white. But, not just any women, the rich and snobby women and they made rules and if they didn’t wear the right clothes, they knew they weren’t rich.

And there’s your history lesson for today!!


Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Brigite 

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