Day Designer Planner Review

Hi friends.

So, I’ve told y’all a while back how much of an organization freak I am and let me just tell you, I’ve owned every planner made. (Wish I was kidding) Seriously though, I’ve owned so many from Blue Sky, to the “mom” planner, to Lily Pulitzer, The Hot to Trot, (the exact one I had in 6th grade) Create 365 Happy Planner and I could literally keep going, but I’ll stop there for your convenience. 

From the time I was in elementary school and literally had NOTHING to write down or plan out what-so-ever, and I still would drag my mother to Wal-mart to get the cutest planner and pens and write down silly things just because I love it!

But, since then my love for a planner or agenda has substantially grew to incredible lengths and all along, I actually did find stuff to write down. More important things, I like to think and I’ve finally found a planner that I actually looove going to and writing down.

The Day Designer Planner.

Before I jibber jabber about how much this planner has helped me in life and how much I love it, I will say.. I am in no way sponsored at all. I am genuinely telling these things because this planner really does make me organized and happy.


Okay, so in the first picture you see how beautiful and simple the cover is. Also, I love that it was the little frosted plastic cover page before that because I do tend to spill coffee and get the front of my planner dirty.

Next, you open and have so cute little pages that you fill out. I probably will never return to this page after jotting some stuff down, it’s awesome just to have.

Then, you go on to see the monthly view. I’m pretty lame and I don’t work so you can see that my layout is pretty boring and I’m a little obsessed with Big Brother, but other than that…. I do love how open and how much space you have to decorate and how you can add little stickers but still have room to write. Another little thing I like is having the ‘To-Do & Notes’ column. I usually don’t fill that out with To-do’s necessarily rather than bills or something I know that I need to remember for that month.

Moving onto the daily view! The embarrassing part of my planner because I’m super lame :-) lol. I’m gonna try to say as little as possible so this isn’t too long… but I will say, I have never used a vertical daily layout like this because I never do anything and it’s pointless to me, but I actually really like it now. Just to see how productive I am or just to really track my whole day and see what I have to do and what I can put off for next week ;-) lol. But, all seriousness I love the fact that you have the times to write and track your day and it gives you your ‘Top 3‘ and that’s something I really pay attention to as to something I don’t wanna hold off. There’s also a to-do list and notes list and I really find it cool that they separated that because usually it’s together and looks all junky and messy. Some other not-so important things that I really enjoy is the fact that they put quotes on every page. I’m a big inspirational quote person and I really enjoy reading and seeing those. Finally, there’s a tonight box which I track my dinner for that night and a gratitude box which is something I really take for granted and loving coming up with something at the end of the day that I’m really thankful for and enjoyed that day.

Well folks, if you’re still with me let me finish up by saying that I love this planner way more than I thought I would. I could definitely live without any planner but this is one that I like to carry in my purse and just like to have it with me. It really keeps me motivated and I love being and feeling organized and that helps me everyday. So, Good job Whitney English!

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