Tips on Packing Luggage



Hi y’all! ♥

I started packing my suitcase for my three week vacay to Kentucky today and I realized there was a lot of stuff to remember when packing! My fiancé said that I was a pro at packing because I travel so much! lol. He’s not wrong.. because I travel at least every three months to visit my family back in KY.

While traveling so much, I’ve learned almost everything there is to know about packing and flying in general! Haha. Not really, but I do know a lot, and I thought I would share with you guys some tips and tricks!


  • My first trick to packing my suitcase is pretty obvious! I like rolling my clothes up like this because you can have so much more room! (Don’t mind my silly clothes! lol.)


  • After you have all your clothes rolled up, fold the wrinkle-prone items and keep them on top. 
  • Also, I like to wear my heaviest/bulkiest items on the airplane so I have more room!
  • Another simple, but smart trick that people really forget about; lock your suitcase! I’m a huge freak when it comes to things like locking stuff up! hey even make special suitcase locks! Like this one, here.
    • Similar to the tip above, ALWAYS have a luggage tag on your suitcase! I’ve lost my suitcase so many times.. and if I didn’t have my tag on there, they would’ve never knew to call me or my name or anything! Highly, HIGHLY recommend!! Heres one I found that’s cute and non-expensive.
  • Walmart carries these cute and SUPER handy travel size bag and it comes with 10 items (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, tooth paste and brush, flossers, comb, travel bag, and cosmetic bag)  And it’s under $6!
  • This is simple and obvious. But, I like to put my belts around the suitcase. Just a simple way to save room.
  • I have NO idea where I heard of this, but I love it! Use a dry cleaning bag, (sometimes I use a trash bag) and line the bottom of your suitcase with it! That way the clothes will slip and slide and they won’t wrinkle as easy!
  • I remember when I was little, my mom used one of those 7-day pill holders to hold her jewelry- like small necklaces, earrings and some bracelets! lol. (Which I have done a time or two!) But, then I found this awesome travel jewelry bag and I love it! I always over-pack so much jewelry!
  • Okay ladies! It’s always a hassle to pack your bra and undies, I feel like they take so much room!! But, what I do is stack bras- like the picture below ↓ and put the undies flat in between! Saves so much room!


  • The more easier way to travel with chargers and cords, is to tie them with hair ties! Instead of using rubber bands, because they break so easily! But, also.. you can use this organizer used for traveling!

Well, that’s all my tips and tricks! I hope y’all enjoyed this and actually use them out! If you do or plan to use any comment below! :) Have a great day!

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