Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Okay, I know you’ve heard all kinds of hype over the Nordstrom Sale happening Tomorrow! And I’m sure you have seen a lot of posts about it like #NSale and what you should do when it opens and what you should get. Buuuut, if not.. I’m here to help!

So, What is the anniversary sale? When does it take place? Why is it so crucial?

First off, if you’ve never heard of this crazy awesome sale, it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s a sale where the newest FALL arrivals are at super low prices! Like, crazy low, more than half off! And everyone always looks forward to it! It starts tomorrow and ends August 6th, prices go up August 7th. But, there’s obviously a catch… You have to be a Nordstrom cardholder. The card is key. Basically, the sale opens this Thursday, July 13th ONLY to the people who have the credit card. But!! Don’t fret! The sale opens up to public July 21st. But, If you cannot wait until the 21st (most people can’t) then you can sign up for a card here. So, the answer to this sale is.. get a card before everything runs out of your size! lol.

Ohhh kay, so let’s get to the awesome sales! These are some sneak peeks that I found to be pretty persuasive and I’ll definitely be buying a few!


PicMonkey Sample


1. – Sale price: $59.90 After sale: $89.00. It’s available in black, white, and grey. 

2.The sale price is $79.90 and the after sale price is $120. Available in black and milk tortoise and green and tortoise. 

3. – Sale: $59.90 After sale: $89.95. Available in black, pewter, blush and burgundy.

4. – Sale price: $39.90 After sale: $60. Available in rust and navy.

5. – Sale: $45.90 After Sale: $69. Available in black, grey and navy.

6. – Sale: $79.90 After Sale: $119.95. Available in black and olive.

7. – Sale: $149.90 After Sale: $225.

8. – Sale: $284.90 After Sale: $428. Available in black and blue.

9. – Sale: $49.90 After Sale: $75. Available in grey, olive and burgundy.

10. – Sale: $89.90 After sale: $135.

11. – Sale: $84.90 After Sale: $129.95. Available in black, grey, brown, and ivory.

12. – Sale: $74.90 After Sale: $99.95. Avaliable in white and pink.

13. – Sale: $42.90 After Sale: $65.

14.Sale: $48.90 After Sale: $65. Available in black and cobblestone.

15. – Sale: $36.50 After Sale: $55.50.

There yah go! There’s some of my favorites from the sale! If you’d like to view all the sneak peeks, you can visit the website here.


Thanks for stopping by, and happy shopping!! <3

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