What’s in My Beach Bag?

Similar bag (and here) // Sunglasses (similar) // Hat

Hi Y’all! It’s officially Summer! How happy does that make you? Because I’m 100% happy as can be.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer time is go to the beach or lay by the pool all day and just bask in the sun and relaxing! (Obvi cuz who don’t?) But, one thing about packing up and going to the beach is I ALWAYS forget something. Whether it be a book to read or my sunglasses, it never fails! Seriously.

So, I decided to do a what’s in my bag as kind of a checklist to see what I need to bring and show you guys some awesome stuff and maybe you’ll find some awesome beach bag essentials!

First off is the bag… clearly.

The thing I look for when looking for a bag is obviously space. There has to be a ton of room for my towel and my magazines and everything in between! So, I found a couple of cute ones to show you.. It’s so hard to pick just one! :(

PicMonkey Sample-7

1. – $40.00 // 2. – $49.00 // 3. – $21.00 // 4. – $79.99

Next, are some hats. I love beach hats! But some are too big and floppy and some have really corny writing on them… so I picked a few of my favorites that are cute and perfect for a beach day!

PicMonkey Sample-2-2

1. – $17.99 // 2. – $18.99 // 3. – $7.99

Next… Every year one thing I love doing is buying new swimsuits and bikini covers! I’m super picky about my suits, so I for sure have to go to a store to buy them, but I have a few listed below and I already have some saved for next year! lol.

PicMonkey Sample-3

1. top – $22.99 / bottom – $17.99 // 2. – $40.00 // 3. top – $58.00 / bottom – $14.95

4. – $39.10 // 5. – $17.99 // 6. – 39.00

Moving onto tanning and relaxing… lol.  My favorite part! I got this AWESOME tanning lotion that you SERIOUSLY need to try!! I used it for two days, and got tanner than I would’ve in a week!

PicMonkey Sample-4

It’s called, Maui Babe I got mine at Ulta for $13.00. But, I linked it here and it’s cheaper! It’s holy grail! Try it!!!

Moving on to…. BOOKS! <3

So, here’s a fun fact! I’m a huge book nerd. I always have to be reading a book. I may not always have time, but if someone asked me, “do you have a book your currently reading?” The answer is always yes!

Hence, I always have to bring a book/magazine to read while I’m by the pool. I always find new books at my local book store that I love and stock up and read when I’m bored or just chilling.

PicMonkey Sample-5-2

1.– $16.10 // 2. – $10.87 // 3. – $8.99 // 4. – $10.03

Okay, last but not least. Sunnies!!! Seriously there are so many companies that sell awesome sunglasses, but I hate paying an extreme amount of money on ’em! But, I also hate paying too little for sunglasses because I just now their gonna suck and probably break in like 2 days. So I found some awesome sunnies for a good quality and price!

PicMonkey Sample-6

1.– $29 //  2. -$12 // 3. – $29 // 4. – $75

After all of this, I would obviously recommend to bring something to drink. (like a margarita) Also, a towel for when you sweat and all, I also like to bring some snacks like some veggie chips or pretzels and definitely some headphones or a speaker!

Oh!! I almost forgot, I found this awesome leave in conditioner for after you get out of the water!

Anywhooooo, thanks for stopping by and reading this long post! :)

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