Bible Verse Week: 4

2 Timothy 4:7

This week’s bible verse comes from 2 Timothy 4:7.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

This specific bible verse means so much to me.

May 20, 2013, when I was 15 years old, my papaw Harold was in a fatal car accident with a semi and passed away upon impact.

My papaw was a farmer and a preacher, he was a wonderful father, husband and papaw because he was such an honest, thoughtful man. He was very old fashioned and was unlike anyone I’ve ever met. He never had anything bad to say about anyone because he never judged people in any way. He minded his own business and worried about himself. I like to think it’s because he knew the whole Bible inside out and went to church every Sunday morning, night and every Wednesday. (He was baptist.) He would sometimes even talk about Jesus and how awesome he was a little too long, and go over his set time. But, he was so passionate and loved God so much, no one said anything. He was the best christian man I knew. To be such a wonderful person, he was also a hardworking farmer. He spent many nights caring for tobacco crops or cows and relied on his farming career to pay for bills and pay off debts since he retired from 3M. He was very brave and strong and would work long hours just to help his family any way possible. I’m not saying my papaw was in any way “perfect.” But, he was pretty damn close.

But, even the most perfect of people have issues. My papaw in fact, did. Heart issues. His heart was terrible and in sixth grade, I got off the bus only to hear that my papaw had his first heart attack. They realized he was not healthy and his heart was not in good condition, he had arrhythmia. Which in shorter terms means his heart was malfunctioning, it didn’t beat the way it should. He had open heart surgery and had heart stents put in and still had many heart attacks after. Until he finally had a very bad attack and had to get a pacemaker which is a small device that has wires and is placed in his chest to help his irregular heartbeat. This saved his life. Of course he had goo and bad days, but he continued to work many long years after on the farm and still went to church every week.

Obviously, when someone you love dearly passes away, it’s going to affect you and your family in some way. But it didn’t just make us sad and wanna be nicer to each other, it ruined my family forever. When I say “ruined,” I mean, half my family moved to a different state, half of my family never even talk to one another, and we never have a Thanksgiving or Christmas together. That’s because the one man who kept my family together was gone and it’s never going to be the same.

All in all, the point of this story was to share some inside on why this bible verse means so much to me, but also to remember that no matter the changes and difficulties life has in store for you, you have to remain close with the Lord. “Keep the faith,” just like my sweet papaw did for many years. He had battles and had a tough life, but he never lost hope and never lost sight of what really matters, remaining faithfully connected with God.

He definitely fought his good fight, he finished his race, and he kept the faith.

Which is exactly what you and I should aspire to do.



Grandchild – I will miss you.. You mean so much to me, but Jesus called me to his side, in Heaven I will be. A place of God’s great beauty. No tears or earthly cares. Only peace and joy forever and love beyond compare. So remember all the good times, don’t think about the sad. Treasure all the special moments through the years we’ve always had. And if you trust in Jesus, I can promise this and more.. You will get a hug from papaw, someday on Heaven’s golden shore.

Fly high my sweet angel <3

Thank you for reading my story! I hope you enjoyed and if you did, leave a comment or give it a like. Thank you and may God Bless.


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