Perfectly Review

Hey there! It’s been a while since I last posted, and that’s because I was testing out some products that I got sent to me. I really wanted to see if they worked so I used them for about a week and wanted to see the results.

The company is called, Perfectly Basically it’s a company that makes and creates pampering products and sell them only using the best and most natural ingredients! They use a whole selection of products even vegan! Something else I love about this brand is they don’t test on animals! :)

(P.S. This might get a little lengthy. Haha.)

1.) Okay, so the first thing I tested out was this tightening and brightening mask, called Envy This. It’s made with green tea, Neem Flower, and caffeine. It comes out green and when you apply it to your face, you let it sit for about 5 minutes and before it dries it’s basically gone. I will say, it did burn my face quite a bit. But, it may have been because of my sunburn I got 2 days before! (hahaha) After I took the mask off, I couldn’t really tell a difference. My face felt and looked the same.


2.) After you apply the brightening mask, it said to use their moisturizer, so I did. This is a caffeinated face creme.  It was amazing! It smelt like mangos or peaches and it even worked! My first obvious reaction was how bright my skin was and then the mask I used before this made sense. So I recommend buying both.

3.) This product is the one that I will be buying more of! This hand cremeIt smells unbelievable!! Seriously it smells like you walked through a tropical forrest. Like, it smells like every fruit ever made. I used this on my hands and it did feel sticky when it first dried, but after that, it completely dried and my hands felt sooo soft, like a baby’s butt! Softest I think they ever have been! lol.

4.) This is my least favorite item… Maybe its because I don’t necessarily like salt scrubs, but I just didn’t favor this one. It came out a black musky, salty form. (It’s made up of sea salt, honey, and charcoal scrub.) And I used it on my arms, I don’t like the feeling of the salt because it’s just hard and doesn’t feel good. After I washed it off, I realized it took off the hair on my arms. So, it’s a no go. But, defintely use if you like sea salt scrubs!

5.) This lotion was a white, whipped body butter. This was a decent lotion. I used it for my feet. It was a little greasy, but it did make my feet pretty smooth! There were no complaints here! It was like a normal body butter!

6.) Last but not least, this face cleanser was pretty cool! I was pleased with the smell and the overall product and what it did for me! It smelt like straight up peppermint or just mint in general, I loved the way it smelt! It had little red beads in it and felt relaxing on the skin. I will say this, I put it on my stomach, (because I had no other place to test it! lol) and it made it sooooo smooth! Like, I loved it! Another product I’m buying!

And that concludes this review! I will say, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I love this brand and I’m very glad the consultant reached out to me! I will definitely be buying more products!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

2 thoughts on “Perfectly Review

  1. Hi Brigite- Thanks for your honest review! Love to hear what people think of these natural based pampering products! Sorry to hear the mask burned, or aggravated your sunburn! I should’ve warned that it’s a good idea to test a mask first on the inside of your elbow or the first time you use it apply for a shorter amount of time! Anyone else with questions or wanting to try samples please contact me at or check my site at! Thanks and love to help people find the right way to pamper! Have a great day!

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    • Thank you so much! <3
      Yeah, I definitely should've tested it out first before applying it to my face, but it's all good now!
      I am now a fan of it for sure! :) Thank you for sending the products to me!


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