Sephora Lip Scrub


Hey Hi Hello 🙂

I wanted to start off by saying I apologize. I have been MIA the last couple months but, I’m a very busy college student and wanted a break from stress so stopped doing a lot of social media! But, I’m baack!

Annnnnd, so I got to show you this awesome lip scrub I recently got at Sephora! It’s a lip scrub (obvi) that helps nurture your lips for a soft feel all day long! Oh, and IT’S ONLY $6 DOLLARS!

It’s available in a lip balm or lip scrub format (I prefer the scrub) and they have many different scents, for example: I have the honey, there is also almond, tangerine, coconut water, goji, and rose! Each of these six scrubs include different features that help with a specific lip type. They are said to have gentle sugar exfoliatants to smooth and soften lips!

I honestly love this product for so many reasons. It’s awesome because it has little beads almost that help massage and exfoliate the skin. I definitely recommend reapplying it maybe two times a day if you wanna keep soft lips all day, but I apply at least once a day because it kinda works as a primer for my lipstick! 100% would try it out!


Link: Sephora Honey Lip Scrub

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