Entro Dress

Hi there! :) This is gonna be a short post about this super cute Entro spring dress that I fell in love with!

It’s a perfect dress for Easter and the color is a really pretty mint green color (one of my faves) and I absolutely love the detail on this dress! It has a lace neckline with crochet details throughout the dress! I got this dress as a limited edition type…. but this dress is exactly the same and from the same brand!

But, if you didn’t like this color or just wanted something a little different, I also found this Entro dress but instead it has a halter neckline but still lace with crochet details! I almost ordered one and talked myself out of it! Lol.

Both these dress are from a brand called Entro, which has SUPER cute dresses, blouses, just about anything!! I totally think you all should check them out!

And last but not least, these boots!!! If you’ve never bought a pair of boots (or you’re like me and need another 100) then these boots are perfect! Their not too manly or look awful! Their super cute and actually really comfortable! I obviously wear them a lot! Lol

But, other than that.. I hope you guys liked this cute little dress and boots! I’m so glad I found this dress and you’ll definitely see it again! Lol :) Bye, y’all!

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