Cowl neck sweater!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Hi lovelies! :)

I really wanted to tell y’all about the amazing cowl neck sweater in these pictures but the store I got it from sold out the day after I bought it :( Literally, the day after! I know, it really sucks.. I’m still pretty bummed about it because I was also gonna order another one. Lol.

But, I still wanted to do a cowl neck sweater post for y’all because I love mine so much… So, I did search the internet for hours and I did find a website with almost the exact sweater! It’s made of the same material and cost the same! So…. heck yeah! (It’s linked here)

Also, these pants I got are so comfy, I’m actually wearing them as I type this! I live in them now ever since I got them. No exaggeration. They’re from Old Navy, and I mean, old navy jeans in general are the bomb?! And, and, and!!! They’re under $40!? Hallelujah, baby Jesus!

The sandals are from Francesca’s I did a post about them in another outfit if yah wanna check that out! But, I’ll also link them here.

And that’s a wrap! :) Hope you guys enjoyed, and if you did, definitely feel free to like and comment! Thanks y’all!

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