Hey hey! I’ve been binge shopping this week because my birthday is Monday and that means I get presents for a whole week… Right?

While on my crazy shopping spree, I went to Francesca’s and almost bought their whole shop! I can’t go into that store without buying more than one thing, it’s truly one of my weaknesses.

Anyways… I did get this adorable cold shoulder ruffle top and I saw it, fell in love and had to get it. It’s not a top that you have to adjust every five minutes, I’ve got a lot of compliments on it, already annnnnnnd, it’s only available in size medium and small right now because their so cute!! So, you HAVE to go order one! I also got these adorable lace up sandals from that store and I’ve worn them everyday since. I think they’re perfect with some jeans and a simple top. I really am digging them.

Well, that’s all for today! I seriously recommend this outfit to anyone and I will definitely be having more outfits from this adorable shop! Comment below what you think! :)

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