Hi beauties! I got this adorable package in the mail and I had to share it with you! It’s called, Birchbox and it’s key to learning about new beauty products! If you aren’t aware of this box, let me share some light on it.

They combine 5 monthly delivery beauty supply samples (that you personalize) from different shops and put it into one little box that you can try and learn about and if you enjoy the product, order more! The samples range from hair, skin, and style. It’s an easy, efficient, and fun— monthly delivery of surprise and goodies!

The box I got contained, skin serum, pomegranate fiber mask, lip butter, seaberry hair mask, and hand cream. I have already tried everything except the hand cream! (It’s like a sunscreen) And I must say, I am totally loving it!

The skin serum is a serum that fights blemishes, refines pores and balances skin without drying it out completely! So, it would take me more than twice to really notice a difference but I could tell that the redness of my blemishes was almost invisible!

The fiber mask brightens and evens tones! Seriously, this was such a GREAT product! After I took the mask off I could instantly tell that my skin was much brighter and sooo soft! It was awesome!

I have awful chapped lips, ALWAYS. I’ve tried many different things to help out and this actually worked! I was really surprised. It was an amazing shade of nude and it worked just like a really good chapstick!!

Okay so finally, the hair mask. My absolute favorite thing in this box! I will honestly try anything for my hair because I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love making their hair shiny and soft?! So, this is almost like a conditioner, and it made my hair incredibly soft!!! Unlike other hair products this didn’t make my hair look dirty and it didn’t feel like I had grease in my hair! It was really just perfect and made my hair look really healthy!

Alright y’all! :) If you want to order this box I’ll link it here, birchbox. It’s super cheap and I definitely recommend it for anyone trying to know what they like or don’t like or if you just wanna learn about other products! I would give it a 10/10!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

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