Bible Verse: Week 1

Hi beauties! Today I’m going to switch up the fashion and beauty talk to something that can’t be bought. The word of God. (Except maybe if you bought a bible?) haha. But, seriously. I guess the Lord really wanted me to talk about this with you all.

Anyways, for 2017, one of my resolutions was to get closer to God. And by that, I mean REALLY get close to him. Yeah, I believed in God, and when I felt something needed to be prayed about, I prayed. When I went to church, I would sing and I would praise him. But, was I really a worshiper of him? Did me praying when I needed something mean I was “close” to him? Well of course not! The lord does help you whenever you ask, I’m sure. But, if you only request something from him and never speak to him like an old friend or if you never worship him at all.. you’re not necessarily close.

I once read a quote that said,Just because you go to church, doesn’t make you a christian. Just like being in a garage doesn’t make you a car.” Billy Sunday

And I don’t know about you, but that spoke mountains to me. Because there are so many “christians” in the world that claim their religion but only go to church on Sundays and sit and think that’s okay. But, let’s be honest. That doesn’t make you anymore of a christian than someone who doesn’t know God at all. People can’t just go to church and expect to be equal with someone who is a follower of Christ. Christianity has to come from within their heart.

That being said, I can start talking about this bible verse that I recently grew fond of!

Psalm 116:7 — “Return unto thy rest. O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.”

 Basically, this verse is saying: the Lord’s soul is a place for you to rest. He’s saying, go there! Go there because he has been there for you before and he didn’t let you down. And he won’t let you down. It’s an instruction to rest in God’s goodness, it’s safe there. Many verses, but this one in particularly will stand out to me in times or heartache and struggle to remind me that God has been good to me in previous times so he will continue to be good in the future. 

That makes me smile and makes me not worry about a thing :) And I hope it does for you also! If you got anything from this post, please get close to God. If you’re already close with God, get closer! lol. I am also starting to do this every week! Anyways! I really hope I made you think and as always… any comments at all, feel free to let me know! THANK YOU!


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