Gap Sweater & Gap Jeans

Hi beauties! Here’s another fav outfit of mine! And a fraction is from Gap. Personally, I think Gap is sometimes expensive and not worth what you pay.. But, when they have sales, they have awesome sales and awesome quality clothes! And luckily, I went to Gap and found two awesome pieces that I absolutely adore.

This sweater is from Gap, and it’s on sale right now!! I say this about everything.. but, this sweater is beyond perfect. It looks so cozy and so cute but it’s actually not heavy and feel like you’re wearing armor! I love wearing a plaid collared blouse under it, it looks great!

Those jeans also came from Gap and I bought two that day and it was well over $100 and on sale.. but, in their defense, they are stretchy and comfy. They don’t really feel like the jean material, if you know what I mean? They’re really soft and almost feel like silk! My personal favorite jeans are light-colored so these were a total must. (P.s. The jeans are on sale so you should go check it out before they’re gone!)

I’ve talked about these shoes a million times and I think you might be tired of me telling you about them… so I’ll just like them here. Lol.

The lipstick is from MAC and I usually use this one for a more dramatic look but, not often because it’s so dark. It was the first MAC product I bought though, and I’ve always liked how pigmented it is! I love it!

The wallet is just a cheap knock off wallet I bought at Macy’s and unfortunately I don’t think they sell it anymore :( but I did find a sorta similar cheap wallet from Kohl’s and it’s actually super cute!!

Anyways… I hope you guys like this outfit! If you did, like it and comment any questions or if you just wanna tell me something about this outfit go ahead! :) As always, thank you!

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