Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hi beauties! Happy first day of February! This is one of my absolute favorite months! (Not only because it’s my birth month either 😉) Lol. But, because this is the month that Valentine’s Day falls in! I just love the thought of Valentine’s Day. I love the decorations that come out and the gifts to get your loved ones. I love the thought of two grandparents that have been married for fifty years dancing around in the living room to some old jazz or two kids going on their first date to the movies and wondering who’s gonna kiss who first. It just makes my heart happy! I love seeing love! Haha.

But, with all of that, it also makes me think about how everyday should feel like Valentine’s Day! You shouldn’t show little, random acts of kindness on one day of the year.. you should everyday! I may be speaking for myself here, but I love when my fiancé does little things like, get me flowers every Thursday or write little notes before he leaves for work and my favorite, pick up food unexpectedly!! Love should never get boring, there’s always something to do and make each other feel good! :)

That being said! I’ve came up with a little gift guide for y’all to ask your man to get you this year! It’s also SUPER affordable and cute!

1. Beige Sequin Romper

Okay, so this romper might be a little pricy.. but not extremely pricy! It’s a super simple and quick way to get cute without the ‘dress up’ part. It’s shiny and looks super cute so you know I love it!

2. Suede Ribbon Wrap Sandal

You’ll never guess where these sandals came from.. TARGET. That’s right. So, when you’re online on Target or in the store and you’re there for one specific thing, go ahead and add these in the cart because we all know you’re not only gonna buy one thing when you enter Target. These shoes are so stylish and I absolutely love the fact that their the ribbon wrap around! FAV!

3. Kate Spade Earrings

These earring are so cute and for the price, I would say their worth it. Their obviously perfect for Valentine’s Day. But, their perfect for date night or just in general. I love how the red really pops and their from Kate Spade?! I mean, win-win! I love anything Kate Spade and these are totally a must for V-day!

4. MAC Red Lipstick

This color of MAC lipstick is Ruby Woo, and I know what you’re thinking.. you already have a ton of red lipsticks. But, let me just clarify.. this specific lipstick is so perfect. It’s so pigmented and smooth and it doesn’t even crack! It’s only $17 and I would rate it a 100/10 because I like it that much. And who am I kidding.. can you ever have too many red lipsticks?

5. Hunter Boots

So, let’s be honest… you can never have too many hunter boots, either. And personally, I love the color pink and this color in general, is like a salmon pink and oh my gosh. I love em! Hunter boots are so classy and can easily go with any outfit. So, why not?! They make me wanna jump in a huge mud puddle… but not because their just that cute.

6. Happy Planner

So, if you’re anything like me, you’re an organization freak and have three planners and one on your phone. Because I can never find the one I like. Okay, honestly it’s not that necessary. But, this planner is so so perfect. It really stands out to me and I love how it has quotes on pages at the beginning of the months and cute little decorated pages with motivational quotes.. it makes me wanna run a 5K… but never will. And the best part? You can add pages to it! Yup, you can just buy little pages and pop the pages onto the rings and make this the planner you’ve been dreaming of. So you don’t have to have four different planners!

7. Bath & Body Works

I’m completely crazy over bath and body. Like, I’m pretty sure I order from there at least once a month. I buy their lotion, shower gel, perfume and their candles!!! Don’t forget the candles  lol. But, this Peach Bellini smells so good, I wanna eat it. This little set is so little and it already comes packaged in a cute little gift bag and your dude doesn’t have to actually do anything!! Because let’s be real…

8. Candleberry Candle

Here is my favorite part of the whole wishlist. CANDLEBERRY. Like, if you don’t know what this brand is.. are you even really living? You might wanna pull that card out now and order some. Or open a whole new account just for this!! No but really. This is by far one of my favorite candle companies! Their candles smell the bomb dot com. They smell up your whole house and they last a good while, at that! (150-160 hours!!!) This specific candle is Hot Maple Toddy which is one of my favs along with Tennsee Whiskey. It’s like, maple honey and it smells like heaven like anything else they sell. When I say it’s the best I’m not lying! Really, just order a sample of one and go from there because it’s a miracle how perfect they are. They have candles, house sprays, candle tart warmers, and car fresheners! They also have primitive decorations if you’re into that!

9. EOS Lotion

This lotion has saved me so much money and it smells so good! It’s berry blossom and it might be my favorite. I have really dry skin and it helps like a charm. I use it in the mornings and nights and after I take a shower!! I use it on my legs and arms and sometimes my face! It really is perfect and so incredibly cheap, I couldn’t be happier with it!

10. Grace not Perfection Book

So, you all knew this was coming.. lol. This book is so good, y’all. I did a review sorta thing on this already (I’ll link it below) and I recommend it anyone a mature age! It has so many good life lessons and it’s so classy. I’ve read it multiple times after buying it because there is so much that you learn and think about each time you read it. The author, Emily Ley, is so creative and so sweet hearted! It’s helped me so much and made me figure out a lot about life!

Okay y’all!! That was my wish list for Valentine’s Day! I really hope you found some ideas on what to ask for this Valentine’s and I’ll have to say, it’s pretty affordable and it’s pretty cute. I would say it’s worth it as well!! (I feel sorry for my fiancé ;) ) If you have anything from the list above, feel free to give your opinion on it and also, if you have any comments or questions in general,  feel free to let me know! :)

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