Palazzo Pants & Cami

Hi beauties! I haven’t posted in a while, but I really wanted to show you this cute outfit! It includes palazzo pants ;) Because can you really ever go wrong with palazzo pants? EXACTLY. No! But first, I have to tell you a sorta funny story!

The other day, my fiancé was working on his truck and I was cleaning up around the apartment. (How ironic) He decided he needed some tools and it was around the corner so he just went alone and came home, realized he got the wrong tool and decided to sit for a while before going back. We were watching TV and an ADORABLE golden retriever came on and me, being the overly obsessive dog lover I am, screamed and told him how bad I wanted that dog! He smiled and I didn’t think anything of it and got up and left again. He called me like, ten minutes later and said, “Remember you said you wanted a golden retriever?” (I was smiling ear to ear at this point) He said, “come outside, I got something for you.” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) How amazing, right?

I went outside, and he got out of the truck. He told me not look in the back yet, and he got something out of the truck!!

Okay, okay… I’m not trying to sound like a spoiled brat… But, really? A yeti? Not a puppy. But, either way, I was still sooo happy with what I got. And I’m so happy to call him my fiancé! He’s so caring and thinks about me through any situation! I’m now a yeti owner! lol.

Back to the outfit!

I absolutely love palazzo pants! I don’t care if they aren’t fashionable or not in style, I love them and their incredibly comfortable. This cami, I wouldn’t wear everyday because I don’t really like shirts that are too reveling. But, for this outfit! it’s perfect! Also, those sandals are waaaaay to comfy. I wear this all the time because their amazing and they match everything! My go-to outfit for sure! :)

P.S. I couldn’t find the exact outfit because well.. I suck. But I found similar items!!!!

Cami: shein \ Palazzos: forever 21 (only $19.90!!!) \ Sandals: sears (Just the thought of me saying this came from sears makes me cringe, but their the closest I could find to mine and their actually super cute!)

I hope you enjoyed!! :)

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