Grace not Perfection


Hi beauties! I’m here talking about this amazing book that I can’t believe I haven’t read sooner! It’s “Grace not Perfection” by Emily Ley and it’s one of the best books I’ve read. Throughout the whole book I laughed, felt like crying and I seriously smiled with every word I read.

She starts the book by talking about how the world is today. Using the internet for literally everything and having the world, and society, talk down to us. The people, like she explains, “set the standard for us.” And my view of this is, we’re supposed to believe if you’re not in a size 0 or 2, you’re fat. If you are in size 0 or 2, you have something wrong with you, or you starve yourself. If you’re not constantly going crazy with tasks and staying busy, then we’re not measuring up. We’re lazy. If you haven’t won an award for something you enjoy, you’re wasting your time. Models, television, magazines and just the world in general, has made this stereotype that if you aren’t skinny, have a gorgeous body, perfect skin, beautiful hair, and wear the most expensive or in-style clothes, then you’re not important. Or if you’re not rich and not everyone knows your name, you’re unimportant. Or you’re lower than someone else because of the person you are on the outside. And that’s supposed to be ok. Because that’s just the way it is. Were all after the same goals in life. We’re all after that same body and we all try to fit into what society wants us to be. We’re all after the “perfect life.”

She goes on by sharing little things in the book like quotes and sayings, and sometimes real pictures of her children and her family and it really lets you link to the author. These little pages really make you think and this one really stood out to me. What standard are you holding yourself to? Who defined perfection to you? There’s a clear answer here. I’m not saying everyone has the same life goals and wants to be just like the women on TV and in magazines. But, that’s where the “perfection” comes in place.

Here’s my favorite part of the book: The interaction! She also has these throughout the book that you can write in. There’s a lot of these and I love that. Not only because I’m a hands-on person, but because it’s asking for your input and you get to make your mark and connect with the book. That way you can really see where you stand and you get to design your own “perfect life” and fully live true to the “Grace not Perfection” lifestyle.

Okay! So, I think that concludes this blog post! When I first read reviews about the book, I thought it was for older women with children, but I don’t really all in either of those categories and I loved it! Being a family person – I connected with a lot of the things she said.

Overall, this book was really meaningful and I’m so happy I came by it so that I can really direct the life I want to live. There are many other parts of the book that are perfect that I didn’t touch base on like, bible scriptures and bullet points that really hit home for the reader, but I guess you’ll just have to get the book and find out for yourself how great it is! :)

Here’s the website if you wanna order yours today or I’m 99% sure Target sells it!

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