Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles!

Hi beauties! I went to Target to find some cute mugs I’ve been looking for, for like… EVER!!! And sadly, I didn’t find one :( But, I did come out with some cute things for my planner and some decorations to decorate the apartment in. Because you know, you can’t go to Target for just one single thing, amiright?!

Anyhow, I wore this adorable outfit today not only did I get engaged in it 💍❤ but, I would honestly wear this everyday if I could! I had to change my shoes though, because it was raining here in Louisiana and when it rains, I feel like it floods everywhere. Sooo I couldn’t wear my sandals. Which really bums me, but any excuse to wear my ankle booties!

Pictures and websites below!

Ruffle hem top

Okay, is this top not the CUTEST blouse ever?! I got a grey color and now they don’t make grey, but.. they’re still soooo cute!!

Ripped stem hem skinny jeans

AAANNND these jeans are 50% off!!

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