Lace top & cardigan

Hi beauties! Today was the first day of my new Instagram and me doing my style blogging on here!! So, if you like this post and want more.. then like this and follow my Instagram account and I’ll keep it coming!

Anyways! The outfit I wore today  was very cute and cozy but simple and that’s why I loved it! It was beautiful here in Louisiana but also a little windy so that called for a light top and a cardigan! (and Starbucks) lol. I was really shooting for a more light toned outfit so I started with a cute top and almost like a champagne colored cardigan with some light distressed jeans and some cute ankle boots! I love neutral colors!

Websites below!


                               White lace top

(I couldn’t find the exact top I was wearing :( But, this is a dupe and it’s about the same price I paid for mine!)

Beige cardigan

(They don’t have the exact color cardigan I have, but it’s the same one!)


           Low-rise distressed light wash jeans

Doe colored ankle boots

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