Traveling! Part 2….

Okay, so I understand my last post I said, “I’ll post tomorrow”…. and it’s probably been a good month or two. And I’m not proud to say that I even promised.

Before I begin part 2, here’s some pictures from my second flight!

Isn’t it freaking beautiful?!

Anyways, story time. 

So, I got on the plane that I so desperately thought that I was going to miss but didn’t because my brother from another mother, Jesus. And all was good and I went to my sister’s wedding and it was beautiful and all was good. Until I had to fly again…

That day, I hung out with two of my really good friends, I convinced one of them to drive me to Cincinnati, Ohio to the airport and drop me off. We almost got lost, turned down a road that we were definitely supposed to go up on, and almost got hit head on because, people in Ohio cannot drive. No, seriously.. they suck.

Anyways, we get there and I go to the woman who is supposed to make my boarding tickets and you know my luck… :))))))))) The flight was cancelled. So, they had to be even more confusing and make my flight with a whole new airline and this flight was a whole two hours later, on top of that, I wasn’t even going to Dallas Fort Worth, I was going to Houston, Texas. Like, of course, right?

I get to Houston, find where I’m supposed to load onto the next plane, go to the magazine stand get a magazine, go get Starbucks and sit my happy butt down because I know if I don’t and I try to look around, the layover of three hours that I had would turn into 5 minutes and I would be late somehow and my life would be ruined. Three hours pass by and it’s time for me to load up. The man checking our passes checks it and gives me an unfamiliar white laminated paper and instead of reading the paper and knowing what to do with it, I read it like it’s rocket science and of course, don’t know what to do with it, so I shove it in my purse along with everything else that I don’t know what to do with. When in reality, that was a tag that I was supposed to put on my luggage.

You can probably already guess where I’m going with this…..

I’m finally in Houston, my next stop is Louisiana!!!! Buuuuuuuuuut, I get off my plane, patiently wait for the young man to call my name to come get my luggage and……….. no Brigite was called. (It was at this moment, I knew I  fucked up.)

I go up to this woman who is helping the gentleman and ask her where my luggage is, and I guess people who work at airports hate their job because she said, “if they didn’t call your name then we don’t have it.” :)))))))))))) OKAY SHEILA. There ain’t no need for your nasty, rotten attitude, mmk? My first thought, go to lost and found. But, that would be too easy for me!!!! LOL (but I’m not really laughing.)

So, me being the very independent person I am, I call my boyfriend…. he says, “babe, those airport people know what they’re doing. They would’ve contacted you by now.” Is that right, Ashton? Would they really though? That’s a big fat NO.

But, I listen to him.

And I mope around like a lost puppy and cry. Yes, I really cried. And so, there I am, everyone with bags in hand, and I’m sitting there still crying and finally they call my flight number and I get on the plane… bag less. And as I’m getting onto the plane, a number from Houston calls.

I’m really predictable because I know you know who that phone call was from. That’s right. The airport.

“Hello? Is this Brigite. Okay, yes, this is the airport in Houston. (naw duh) and I was just calling to inform you that we have your luggage right here in lost and found. Yes! Where are you? Oh… I’m sorry ma’am if you’re already on the plane we can’t bring it to you because that plane is already a few minutes late…. If you want, we can send it to your location in Louisiana? Okay, great!! Thank you, ma’am. Sorry, again.”

*Rolls eyes really hard but with massive crocodile tears in them*

Yup, I cry. Again. The guy beside me really is getting uncomfortable, doesn’t know whether to ignore me or stare at me or help me. But, I call my boyfriend to rub in his face that he was wrong and he was sorry but not forgiven.

But, as William Shakespeare said, all’s well that ends well.

I got home safely to my wonderful boyfriend and puppy in Louisiana and the next day, I got my luggage at 10 in the morning at my doorstep and I drank a whole bottle of wine.

And that concludes my trip to Kentucky and I’ll probably never fly again. I’ll just drive fourteen hours, no problem. :))))))))

And, as always…. Thank You!

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