I’ll vouch for anyone who says it took waaaay too long make a second post. I’ve just been very busy… I have pictures to prove it!

I guess I could explain to you about my horrific adventure flying for my very first time. “You haven’t even flown..?” (Flown? Flew?) Either way.. growing up in a small little town, my idea of adventuring meant going somewhere besides my backyard and traveling meant a way too long of a car ride, crammed with way too many people and stopping way too many times.

I will also explain that…. I lived in a small town in Kentucky for 18 years of my life. It was a town where everyone drove trucks, everyone knew everyone, people hung out at the BP in town and you drove around on Friday nights with all your friends for…. fun. If you were lucky, and you knew someone 21 to buy you alcohol, your night was made.

Anyways, After I graduated, I moved to Louisiana with my boyfriend and so my oldest sister got married and I had to go back to be her maid of honor!!!!! I know, exciting!

And so, my boyfriend works a lot and his mom was down for a little vacation and she had to take me. We left at 4:30 AM, my flight wasn’t until 6:53 AM. So, plenty of time… right? Wrong. Not only did we miscalculate that my flight was in Beaumont, Texas and not in Louisiana, but my mother-in-law’s GPS stopped us right in the middle of the road. So, Amy, being the nice person she is, asked someone at a near-by gas station who let us follow him to the exact location because he went right by there everyday for work. Keep in mind, we’ve already wasted 1 hour and 20 minutes just for the GPS to be wrong. And to justify the woman Amy is, the guy gets us to the airport and I have to run and give him $20 because she is that one nice person in the world.

So, we’re at the airport and we can’t find the actual airport. (Don’t judge) We end up to this touring place and Amy wants to run in and see if they’ll show us where the airport is. Just my luck… no one is to be found. So there went another 20 minutes. It is now 6:24. At this point I was sure I peed my pants, had a heart attack, and on the verge of hitting myself in the face and on top of that, I was giving directions to a woman who was hyperventilating because she was just as nervous as I was.

Well, we made it to the airport. All of the kiosks were closed. I stood in line behind 4 people who already had their boarding pass and was getting their bags checked. Amy asks the man doing the whole shebang if there was anyway I could get a boarding pass. Without looking up.. the guy says, “No we close that 30 minutes prior to the plane leaving.”


I’m freaking out. Crying even and this guy just keeps doing job like an ass and gets all the people checked and then he finally looks up and says, “I’ll see what I can do.” With a hint of 14-year-old drama queen voice and kinda did a head motion that I wasn’t happy about. Then, he walks to the plane asks someone some stuff (going into depth, amiright??) and comes back and asks for my name. I tell him and he walks back to some person. Comes back with two boarding passes, one for this flight from Beaumont Texas to Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. And then from Dallas Fort Worth to Cincinnati, Ohio.

I immediately thank the good lord above for being amazing and loving me so much. So, I run to my plane take my seat and I chill the fuck out.

lol. That’s just the beginning, but fortunately for you, I have a whole bed of clothes that need to be hung before my boyfriend gets home or I’ll be on a plane tomorrow back to Kentucky ;) I promise to be back tomorrow for, I guess, Part 2.

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